Currently working on HP PaintJet XL300

Don Myrick afdonm at
Mon Oct 12 08:57:43 EDT 1992

> The subject says it all:  we need a printer driver for an HP PaintJet XL color 
Spectrum Sciences & Software, Inc. is currently developing a driver for the
Hewlett-Packard Paintjet XL 300 for GRASS.  We expect to have a beta version
available by the end of this week.  Anyone interested in obtaining this beta
version before it is sent to OGI should send e-mail directly to me.

> printer--not just for GRASS, but for all purposes.

What other purposes do you need a driver for?  The PaintJet comes with
drivers for Mac's and PC's, and most popular software on these platforms.

> We're running a SUN SPARCStation IPX with SunOS 4.1.1.  We have a parallel 
> SBUS card to connect our HP PaintJet XL to.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
If you have any other specific questions concerning the PJ or connecting it
to a Sun, you can direct them to me, and I'll pass on my experience with our


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