Currently working on HP PaintJet XL300

Vermeulen A.T. atverm at ECNSUN.ECN.NL
Mon Oct 12 11:47:36 EDT 1992

> we need a printer driver for an HP PaintJet XL color
> printer--not just for GRASS, but for all purposes.

Sun sells seperately or in combination with their SparcPrinter the
NewsPrint software which enables you to convert (color) Postscript,
TeX DVI, nroff-output etc. to output for a number of printers,
they support laserjet, paintjet, and NEC Pinwriter. You can easily
make your own driver also. Recommended.

A.T. Vermeulen (Internet: a.vermeulen at; Phone: (+31)22464194)
Energy Research Foundation, PO Box 1, 1755 ZG  Petten, The Netherlands

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