ls-lR.Z and moon's ls command

Kenneth R. Brownfield brownfld at
Tue Oct 13 10:46:32 EDT 1992

Thanks to a suggestion from Martin Ameskamp, there are now two files on the
moon containing recursive directory tree listings.  The first is in the main
grass directory (/grass, the directory you first go to with 'cd grass').  It
contains the tree for the entire OGI GRASS archive on the moon.  The README
file contains hints on getting this file.

A shorter version of this file specifically for the GRASS v4.0 updates is in
the /grass/grass4.0/updates directory.  It contains only the subdirectories
in our updates section of the archive.  The README in this directory also
contains hints to retreive this file.

The ls problem is still under scrutiny.  Hopefully these files will be an
acceptable temporary for those of you who are still having problems.

As always, send me comments and/or suggestions!
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