GRASS 4.1 release

Marjorie Larson larson at
Tue Oct 13 18:00:41 EDT 1992

                 RELEASE PLANS FOR GRASS 4.1

As per a decision made at a recent federal GRASS Inter-Agency
Coordinating Committee (GIACC) meeting held at the FBI Academy
in Quantico, VA, the beta release of GRASS 4.1 has been rescheduled.
Plans are to make a beta release of GRASS 4.1 available at the next 
GRASS Users' Conference (week of March 15th, 1993, in Reston, VA).

No definite decision has been made as to whether any modules completed 
before that date will be made available on the ftp site prior to the 

New GRASS modules intended for inclusion in the release should have
already been made available to the Office of GRASS Integration (OGI)
at CERL, or arrangements made as to their final contribution date.
Some routines will be accepted for inclusion under the contributed
directory up to the end of November, 1992.

If you have questions, please contact:

Marji Larson
217-352-6511, x504
larson at

Contributed software must be accompanied by a signed legal release
form, stating the author's intent to contribute it to the public
domain.  An on-line version of the release form can be obtained from
the ftp site (under grass4.1/releaseInfo/, or a hard
copy obtained by calling the GRASS Information Center at USACERL 
(1-800-USACERL, x220).

Marji Larson

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