d.frame at parameter usage

Joe Vaughan jkv at dust.atmo.arizona.edu
Thu Oct 22 16:04:49 EDT 1992

  I am trying to set up a monitor ( like x1 ) with frames
from a script.  I have tried doing d.frame commands as follows.
  I interactively did d.mon and dragged the window up to cover
most of the screen, with the mouse. I then tried to give the following 
statements either in a script, or manually, in the same form, i.e. each 
on its own single line.
 d.frame -c frame=full_screen at=1,679,1,961
 d.frame -c frame=title1 at=275,320,1,295
 d.frame -c frame=title2 at=320,365,1,295
 d.frame -c frame=legend at=365,679,1,295
and I get errors on the at parameter.  Why?

Also, is there a way to get the d.mon provided window sized
automatically, i.e. without benefit of mouse interaction?

Joe Vaughan

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