d.frame at parameter usage

Chris C Rewerts rewerts at ecn.purdue.edu
Thu Oct 22 20:21:42 EDT 1992

>From grass-lists-owner at max.cecer.army.mil Thu Oct 22 15:06:16 1992
>From: jkv at dust.atmo.arizona.edu (Joe Vaughan)
>Subject: d.frame at parameter usage
>  I am trying to set up a monitor ( like x1 ) with frames
>from a script.  I have tried doing d.frame commands as follows.
>  I interactively did d.mon and dragged the window up to cover
>most of the screen, with the mouse. I then tried to give the following 
>statements either in a script, or manually, in the same form, i.e. each 
>on its own single line.
> d.frame -c frame=full_screen at=1,679,1,961
> d.frame -c frame=title1 at=275,320,1,295
> d.frame -c frame=title2 at=320,365,1,295
> d.frame -c frame=legend at=365,679,1,295
>and I get errors on the at parameter.  Why?

It looks to me the problem is that the "at" parameters are meant to
be in percent of the monitor length/width. Therefore, the maximum
values should be 100; not 275,679, et cetera.

Also, I wouldn't use the name "full_screen" since it is the 
name used by default for the base screen of the monitor. Sometimes 
this is handy to use as is. However, I doubt using it will blow 
things up.

>Also, is there a way to get the d.mon provided window sized
>automatically, i.e. without benefit of mouse interaction?

With the Sunview graphics driver I used to set GRASS_WIDTH and
GRASS_HEIGHT environment variables to screen pixel values to 
control the size upon invocation by d.mon. This seems to
be ignored by the X graphics driver. I haven't dug any deeper
to see if there is a quick change that could be made in the
driver, or if it looks for vars with different names.

Maybe someone else knows this...

>Joe Vaughan
Chris Rewerts        rewerts at ecn.purdue.edu
Agricultural Engineering, Purdue University

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