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Joyce Anne Nagle nagle at
Fri Sep 11 17:26:33 EDT 1992

I sent this message last week and haven't heard from anyone.  Any ideas?  Is my
image too big (57032704 bytes)?  I'm really psyched to use this program, but..............

-------------------------------- message sent earlier ---------------------------
  I am having problems with i.rectify.blk.  I select item 2 from the
menu and get the dotted line boxes in the dialog window and the boxes 
in the monitor.  Then I double click on the file I want to select the 
control points from and then BOOM! the monitor disappears and the 
dialog window falls apart and looks like this:

--------------------------- beginning of mess ------------------------
LOCATION: swoe-imagery          BLOCK: 3.5 SUB-BLK: 3.5          MAPSET: nagle

                                                                                     1.     Select another sub-block

                                      2.     Compute image-to-photo transformation

                                                                                         3.     Initialize exposure station parameters

                                                        4.     Compute ortho-rectification parametrs

                      5.     Ortho-rectify imagery files

                                                             RETURN   exit

---------------------------- end of mess ------------------------------------

The dialog window is then frozen and I have to kill the process and restart
another window to do anything.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!

--------------------------- end of previously sent message ----------------------------

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