Ken Brownfield brownfld at
Fri Sep 11 17:13:39 EDT 1992

     The OGI GRASS FTP server has been moved and reorganized.
     The FTP site is now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (!)  The
name of the new FTP site machine is still, but the IP
number has changed to  From any Internet machine, should still work fine.  After connecting to the moon,
change your directory (using cd) to the grass directory.  Since the new site
is shared between many offices here at cerl, grass is in its own directory on
the ftp site.
     The site has been reorganized in a more intuitive manner, so programs and
updates should be easier to find.  When GRASS v4.1 has been released, bug fixes
will be separated from new programs and existing program _upgrades_.
     We hope that the lifted time limitations will give everyone a chance to
access the FTP site at normal working hours.  If you have problems, comments,
or suggestions, please send mail to ftp-admin at
                                              brownfld at
Kenneth R. Brownfield                     lists-owner at
Office of GRASS Integration,               ftp-admin at
United States Army Corps of Engineers           (217) 352-6511 x526
Construction Engineering Research Laboratory    (217) 373-7222 <fax

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