r.in.sunrast added to FTP site

brownfld at cecer.army.mil brownfld at cecer.army.mil
Tue Sep 22 10:54:36 EDT 1992

r.in.sunrast is now available on the moon.  Via anonymous FTP to
moon.cecer.army.mil (, enter the following directory:


To obtain a tar file of the r.in.sunrast source tree, enter the following
FTP commands:

     type binary
     get r.in.sunrast.tar

You will receive a file called r.in.sunrast.tar that can be unarchived.  If
you don't have tar, "get" the files individually.

For more information, contact grass-lists-owner at cecer.army.mil .
                                                 brownfld at cecer.army.mil
Kenneth R. Brownfield                        grass-lists-owner at cecer.army.mil
Office of GRASS Integration,                     grass-ftp at cecer.army.mil
United States Army Corps of Engineers              (217) 352-6511 x572
Construction Engineering Research Laboratories     (217) 373-7222 <fax

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