Compiling XGrass with SunC 1.1

Lawrence HOUSTON houston at
Thu Aug 5 15:28:03 EDT 1993

Sun GRASS Users:

I recently identified the reason XGrass 4.1 was failing to compile on our
SUN SPARCstations, which was failing with the Link Editor Error Message:
that the symbol "___start_libm" was undefined?  I found this strange as
none of other SUN Users on the GrassHopper Lists appeared to be having
similar problems and compiling GRASS under SunOS 4.x is normally a pretty
straight forward affair?  Additionally nobody on the Lists had replied to
my associates question regarding the same problem (which had been posted
on the list few weeks back)!

As it turns out the problem arises from our use of a non-system SunC 1.1
compiler whose libraries are based at "/usr/lang/lib" instead of the
default location of "/usr/lib".  Specifying any Library Search Sequence
with the "-L" Directive overrides the "-L/usr/lang/lib" which is built
into the the SunC's "cc" command as it applies to the basic libraies and
hence will incorrectly accesses the libaries in the directory specified
with the "-L" and if that happens to "/usr/lib", the link-edit will
fail as it accesses the default libaries.  The "fix" is the same as seen
in the Installation Guide (section 17.7 for MIPS/Control Data Platforms)
to reset the X11 "LIBPATH" Defines as found in "$GIS/src/CMD/head/$ARCH"
to be nul strings [XLIBPATH, XTLI & XMLIBPATH].  It is not obvious the
exact reason for these LIBPATH defines was, since it would be safer
to specify a non-standard X11 location for each individual library,
rather than using these "blanket" search redefinitions.  With the nul
string defines, both the initial Spring 1993 release of GRASS 4.1 and
the currently available Update Package #1 compiled without any problems.
Additional we are now able to remove the Static Versions of XGrass we
had obtained from CERL's FTP Server.

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