Nachi Narayanan nachi at
Mon Aug 9 19:50:52 EDT 1993

I am writing a script in Unix C-shell for the GRASS-CAMPS interface and
it looks like the following:
        setenv GRASS /usr/local/bin
        setenv CAMPS /home/
        setenv GISRC $home/.grassrc
        setenv GISBASE /home/grass/sun4
        setenv XDRIVER_HEIGHT 506
        setenv XDRIVER_WIDTH 710
        setenv XDRIVER_LEFT 291
        setenv XDRIVER_TOP 213

The last 4 lines are not working. I want the field map to appear on a
particular location but it always appear at the top left corner. Am I
making a mistake anywhere?

If you don't have an answer, can you pl suggest some one else (with their
email or ph no) to seek help?

Thanks a lot.



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