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Donna Okazaki donna at uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu
Thu Aug 19 11:16:24 EDT 1993

 >From: samg at (Sam M. Gustman)
 >     We have recently had a Silicon Graphics machine added to our network 
 >filled mostly with SparcStations.  I would like to use the GRASS SGI
 >modules on the SGI and have the graphics exported to my Sun.  Has anyone
 >heard of a GL to X protocol converter?  I assume such a program would
 >sit on top of the X-Server and translate the GL graphics to X-Bitmaps.
 >Any information would be appreciated.
SGI's run X11R4 (same as Sun, but w/ different window manager which is
not too relevant).  Running X stuff on the Sparc, using the SGI as the
display is not much of a problem, but going the other way is, since 
our SGI is a 24-bit system and our Sparc only supports 8-bit graphics display,
so the SGI applications which expect a 24-bit display refuse to run
when asked to display on the Sparc.  If you have 24-bit displays on the
Sparcs, I think it should all work fine.  SGI integrated GL and X
quite awhile ago (I forget which sits on which).

(I am assuming you mean that you want to use the Sparcs as X-terminals
to the SGI.  If you just want to do image file conversion, the SGI comes
with many conversion utilities.)

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