GL to X conversion...

huw at huw at
Thu Aug 19 22:07:26 EDT 1993

s far as I know there are two solutions.
One is from DuPont Pixel 
2010 North First Suite 
Suite 403, San Jose, Ca 95131
tel: (408) 436-3452 
fax: (408) 436-3458

who render GL to a Sun GX,GX+ & CG3 boards as well as their own graprator.
The second is Portable Graphics Inc.
One Technology Center
2201 Donley Drive
Suite 365
Austin Texas 78758-4538
tel:(512) 908-4700
fax:(512) 832-0752
e-mail: npgl at

who render to Sun GX,GX+,GS,GT,ZX boards as well as to Evans and Sutherland
Freedom, Kubota, Fairchild and HP graphics accelerator boards.

If there are other solutions then I am interested. 

Huw James

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