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Would this be useful to grass programmers?
I think that is was originally for moss.

from comp.infosystems.gis:
In article <9308251332.aa07492 at>, Sol Katz 303-236-0101 <skatz at DSC.BLM.GOV> writes:
|> For those of you who have been waiting patiently for the C gis
|> code that stores spatial data in Oracle, your wait is over. For
|> a limited time only, the code is available over ftp.
|> You will find it at cd ftp/pub/gis. named lgs.tar.Z
|> What you see is all that I have. I could not find any documentation in
|> digital form. The .PC extension indicates 'precompile'. Many of the
|> files with the .pc extension also have the same name with a .c
|> extension. These have been run though the Oracle pro-C program,
|> BUT there are many functions that are straight C, so don't blanket
|> delete them.
|> I was able, with a minimum of work, to modify the buffer program, so
|> that it read coordinates from an ascii file and wrote to an ascii file.
|> Generally the syntax begins with a GIS command name, followed by
|> GIS modifiers, followed by an Oracle select statement.
|> Note that the first and last points on a line are stored as nodes,
|> and not with the line (unless I'm wrong :-)    ).
|> sol--    (skatz at -  phone 303-236-0101 - denver co. usa)

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