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Hello Programmers,

I was wondering how compliant GRASS is with POSIX, and how GRASS
Programmers think it will increase the portability of GRASS?

If it is not compliant, then are there plans to make it so, or
is POSIX not viewed seriously yet?

I looked in the archives for any mention of POSIX, and only found one,
from April 1992, when Eric Sink said this when answering a question about 

>POSIX is even less mature and universally adopted than the ANSI C
>standard.  Don't count on the average installed UNIX system being
>POSIX compliant right now, but look around 5 years from now.

DEC have released a POSIX for their VMS machines, so GRASS could find
an even greater user base if it was POSIX compliant.

I am interested in the Open System aspects of GRASS, and feel that POSIX
has an important role to play in application portability.  GRASS may lose
the edge it has over other GIS software in this area if it does not move
in this direction.

Dave Haddock.              (MSc student in Geographical Infomation Systems)

P.S. I tried posting this a while back, but it never showed up at my site.
     Apologies if you have already seen it.

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