GRASS 4.1 Binaries

Russ Hougland hougland at
Wed Dec 15 15:37:19 EST 1993

 A statically compiled version of GRASS 4.1 is now available on our FTP site
 (, IP Address:  Compiled on a SPARCstation
 IPC running SunOS 4.1.3, it contains the fixes from Update Package 3.  Only
 the programs from src, src.alpha, and XGRASS are included. 

 The binaries are contained in a compressed cpio archive that has been split
 into a series of 1-megabyte files (bin.upd3.cpio.Z.*).  They are located under
 grass/grass4.1/release/binary/sun4.  The existing GRASS 4.1 Update 2 binaries
 (bin-sun4.cpio.Z.*) will not be removed from moon until after 17 December 1993.

 A dynamically compiled version for Solaris 2.2 and 2.3 is also available (it
 will not work under Solaris 2.1).  It is compiled with SOME static libraries
 (as in the case of the fortran libraries).  Included are programs from src,
 src.alpha, XGRASS, as well as some programs from src.contrib, src.related, and  It is located in the file grass/incoming/grass4.1.u3.sol.tar.Z.
 See grass/incoming/grass4.1.u3.sol.README for additional information.

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