xdigit runtime error -- Help needed

PoKung Lin pklin at CERF.NET
Thu Dec 16 17:53:24 EST 1993

Hi, After compilation of xgrass on USL system, xdigit does not work and each
time when I key in  xdigit under grass prompt, I will get following error
	X Error of failed request: BadValue(integer parameter out of range 
					    for operation)
	Major opcode of failed request: 53 (X_CreatePixmap)
	Value in failed request: 0x0
	Serial number of failed request: 413
	Current serial number in output stream: 415

Can any experienced X-Window friends might pass me some hint? Where the bugs
will be?

		Thank you for any help

			PK Lin
			E-mail pklin at cerf.net
			Tel: (617) 942-1655

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