xgrass, multiple users and photos

Chris W Skelly gewcs at jcu.edu.au
Fri Dec 17 03:40:25 EST 1993


> It does not require Motif to run, but it does to compile.  I installed
> the statically linked binaries of xgrass under SunOs 4.1.3 and it comes
> up within openlook windows, but with a motif look and feel.  I can forward
> my installation notes if you are interested.

yes please! this would help a great deal

> > 2. Can I run a class of 12 on grass? We have pc xemulators
> >    running in our lab and I'd like to run a grass session
> >    off our sun for their practicals.
> Yes - I have only had three at a time running, but the speed limiting
> factor was definitely the students not the software.


> > 3. i see some new air photo stuff including orthographic
> >    corretion---well done! Has anyone written some code to
> >    use the parallax equations to generate a DEM, if not,
> >    it seems we are half way there already...any suggestions?
> The main task is the correspondence problem (ie matching the
> same features in the two images).  Traditionally this was
> done by hand, but there are now efforts to do this automatically
> - mostly very expensive.  I had a student doing this, using a technique
> probably
> superior to anything else around (feature matching followed by heirarchical
> pattern matching) but we stopped development when we saw Hi-View (now
> available within ERMapper) and other commercial packages start to appear,
> and when we saw that developing a friendly interface was definitely not
> his forte ;-).  If anyone is interested we could probably make this available
> for the guts of a new module.

ok this is interesting, we have been very close to buying Lieca's Digital
video Plotter DVP, but even with the edu discount it is $14000. However,
since there is a grass module that identifies the camera data and photo's
fiducial marks there shouldn't be too much too do before you tackle the 
parallax question?

cheers simon!


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