xgrass, multiple users and photos

Mark P. Line markline at henson.cc.wwu.edu
Fri Dec 17 18:18:53 EST 1993

On Fri, 17 Dec 1993, Simon Cox wrote:

> Chris Skelly wrote:
> > 1. Does xgrass require motif to run? or will the standard
> >    X11 packaged libraries suffice?
> It does not require Motif to run, but it does to compile.  I installed
> the statically linked binaries of xgrass under SunOs 4.1.3 and it comes
> up within openlook windows, but with a motif look and feel.  I can forward
> my installation notes if you are interested.

It has been my understanding that running xgrass requires a Motif runtime
license to run *legally*, although it doesn't access Motif code
dynamically at runtime. That was posted to this list or grassu some time
ago, and I had the impression that it was pretty definitive -- maybe it
wasn't. Could somebody clear this up, please?

> > 2. Can I run a class of 12 on grass? We have pc xemulators
> >    running in our lab and I'd like to run a grass session
> >    off our sun for their practicals.
> Yes - I have only had three at a time running, but the speed limiting
> factor was definitely the students not the software.
This is another item that keeps getting conflicting coverage. Simon, do
you just circumvent the GRASS anti-concurrent-user locking mechanism by
brute force, or is there a more elegant means that you might share -- I'm
supposed to be setting up a lab here too, on an existing 486 base.

-- Mark

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