xgrass, multiple users

Simon Cox simon at artemis.earth.monash.edu.au
Sun Dec 19 10:42:05 EST 1993

1.  My my - I didn't realise that there were so many frustrated
potential xgrass users out there!  Here are extracts from my
installation notes dealing with xgrass.  This is almost certainly
not comprehensive, but I hope that it assists folk:

SJDC  30/6/93

xgrass installation

Can't use gmake scripts because we do not have Motif locally
Use the binaries distributed from CERL

Grabbed binaries, and unpacked.
Moved xgrass4.1 (script) and xgdatabases (script) to $UNIX_BIN
Renamed $UNIX_BIN/xgrass4.1 to xgrass
Moved bin/x* to $GISBASE/bin
Moved etc/xg*.exe to $GISBASE/etc
Moved etc/xgrass-menu to $GISBASE/etc
Moved etc/XGIS.sh to $GISBASE/etc
Moved etc/xclip/* to $GISBASE/etc/xclip
Moved etc/xhelp/* to $GISBASE/etc/xhelp
Moved etc/app-defaults/* to $GISBASE/etc/app-defaults

NB there is a disfunctional version of xgrass-menu
in etc/xclip which should be AVOIDED

Users may want to
copy etc/xgrass-menu to .xgrass-menu in home directory
set environment variables $GIS $GISBASE $GISDBASE
run "xgdatabases" to set up database lists
add a couple of lines to the .Xdefaults file

SJDC  30/6/93
SJDC  14/8/93

Another item found in the installation manual:

appended $GIS/src/xgrass/XKeysymDB to /usr/openwin/lib/XKeysymDB

SJDC  14/8/93

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