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Tue Dec 21 01:40:11 EST 1993

   Chirp!       A Monthly Review of GRASS   News and Tips


As you know, we've been planning a new monthly paper periodical in
which the useful material from each month's GRASSHopper mailing lists
is presented in a more easily accessible form than searching through
tens of megabytes of online mail archives. At the same time, this
information is provided for the first time to the great many GRASS
users who have no access to electronic mail. The first issue --
January 1994 -- will be rolling off the press shortly before or
shortly after New Year's, so I'd like to post this final update on the
subscription and mail-order details so that interested readers can
receive their copy of the first issue with little delay.

Each month's 60-page issue will contain numerous review articles
covering all the most recent news and tips from the mailing lists, as
well as many highlights from the massive mail archives -- the January
1994 issue contains exhaustive coverage of the October and November
1993 mail. Our plan is to include original feature articles in each
issue as well -- realizing that plan will depend upon contributions
from other members of the GRASS community.  Chirp! will contain no
paid advertising.

The basic subscription price has turned out to be slightly higher than
our original estimate, but for an excellent reason: we have given high
priority to saving trees (for virgin pulp) and avoiding chlorinated
hydrocarbon effluents (from bleaching), and this has led to somewhat
higher paper costs. The paper we have chosen is recycled from 100%
post-consumer waste and is unbleached. We hope that this policy meets
with the approval of our readers -- creating new demand is the only
feasible means of progressing the environmentally sound paper market
towards prices that can compete with paper that contains virgin pulp
and/or has been bleached with elemental chlorine.

Here are the yearly subscription prices (postpaid):

  $68.00    US & Canada (surface)

              (Washington State residents add 7.8% = $5.30 sales tax)

  $74.00    US & Canada (air)

  $80.00    other Western Hemisphere countries (air)

  $92.00    Europe (air)

 $104.00    all other countries (air)

and the prices for single copies (postpaid):

   $6.50    US & Canada (surface)

              (Washington State residents add 7.8% = $0.50 sales tax)

   $7.00    US & Canada (air)

   $7.50    other Western Hemisphere countries (air)

   $8.50    Europe (air)

   $9.50    all other countries (air)

We can only accept prepaid subscriptions or single-copy orders in US

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the numerous GRASSHopper
readers who responded to our planning efforts to get Chirp! underway.
I hope we can look forward to your continued support.

-- Mark

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