Archive FTP problem

Kenneth R. Brownfield brownfld at
Thu Feb 4 17:27:23 EST 1993

|I tried to retrieve one of the Archive files from /grassHopper/grassp
|but all I got was "Permission denied". Why?

     When you issue the ftp command from your machine, you have to be in a 
directory for which you have write privileges.  Make sure you're in /tmp, or
your home directory, or some other directory that you can write files to.
     The files in /grass/grassHopper/grassp have the correct permissions,
as far as I can tell.  If you still have problems, send mail to me at any
of the addresses below.
     As a note: the subject of this note better fits with the purpose of
the GRASS Users' list than the Programmers' list.  You may want to send more
general notes of interest to grassu-list in the future, and specific
programming subjects to grassp-list.

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