The r.le programs - landscape structure & GRASS

Bernd Munier bernd at
Thu Feb 4 05:08:56 EST 1993


Last week I posted the following message to the grassu-list, but never
recieved a reply. Maybe somebody on this list can give me the answer?

Recently a college of mine found an article in the periodica 'Landscape
Ecology' vol 7 no.4 pp291-302.
It brought a presentation of the r.le programs, developed under GRASS to
perform multiscale analysis of landscape structure using GRASS. 
The program should reside on the moon server, but I was not able to find
it there. at least it is not listed in the top level ls-lR.Z file from

As we are very interested in testing this program on some of our own 
data from Denmark, please could someone locate it for us.

			Thanks in advance

			Bernd Munier
			Roskilde University
			Geography & Data Science
			Email bernd at

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