d.profile enhancements

Romaniuk Ms Anna aqr at ccu1.aukuni.ac.nz
Mon Feb 8 11:22:26 EST 1993

Dear List readers, 
We are running Grass4.0 on an HP730 workstation. I have 2 questions
regarding d.profile. The manual page for this procedure states: Useful
enhancements to d.profile would include:...<list of 4 things>
We would currently find very useful two of these:
Allowing profile lines to be defined by a series of points not just two,
and Allowing profiles to be saved in a file, for later viewing.

My questions are : Has anybody already made these enhancements,and be
willing to share them and/or
Will these enhancements be included in the next release of Grass?

As we are CHARGED for INCOMING mail, please do not include my message
with your reply. 

Anna Romaniuk                a.romaniuk at auckland.ac.nz 
Geography Department         fax (64 9) 3737 434 
University of Auckland
New Zealand

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