flushing stuff out to monitor

McCauley Technical Services darrellmy at ids.net
Tue Jan 12 13:14:16 EST 1993

Sorry to ask this again, but I'm having problems with a Display
program not drawing everything that I tell it to. I asked about this
several months ago, but last semester was pretty rough and ...

Particular, some of the last instructions seem to be ignored, but the
severity of the error varies with each run of the program. I know that
people have run across this before (rewerts?), so if the solution is
still in anyone's mind (vaguely or vividly), drop me a line.

This is happening with the X driver. I think that we have the latest
XDRIVER (source is dated Oct 27 1992, binary is dated Nov 2 1992).


--Darrell McCauley

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