flushing stuff out to monitor

Dave Gerdes dpgerdes at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Wed Jan 13 09:09:31 EST 1993

Dunno if you have tried this, but R_flush() is designed to do just that.
There is also a R_stabilize() which I have used but don't remember off
hand exactly what it does.

In v.digit I have:

V_flush ()
    R_flush ();
    R_stabilize ();     /* needed for X windows */

And call it whenever I am done drawing something and am waiting for the
user to do something.

> Sorry to ask this again, but I'm having problems with a Display
> program not drawing everything that I tell it to. I asked about this
> several months ago, but last semester was pretty rough and ...
> Particular, some of the last instructions seem to be ignored, but the
> severity of the error varies with each run of the program. I know that
> people have run across this before (rewerts?), so if the solution is
> still in anyone's mind (vaguely or vividly), drop me a line.
> This is happening with the X driver. I think that we have the latest
> XDRIVER (source is dated Oct 27 1992, binary is dated Nov 2 1992).
> Thanks!
> --Darrell McCauley


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