lat-long coordinates

Chris Skelly chris at
Mon Jan 25 15:39:05 EST 1993

I have been killing myself trying to figure out why my
kriging routines quite often bomb out (for no apparent reason).
Well the answer is that I often find that I have two (or
more!) identical coordinates because even though I read in
site lists with a precision of 1/1000 of a degree GRASS 
only keeps the first decimal place!

 long      lat     value
143.345  -12.012  343.2   <---this is what I enter

143.3 -12 343.2           <---this is what GRASS seems to store

If this is true it means I cannot usefully use geographic
coordinates where I have a spacing less that about 11km 
(one tenth of one degree)!  Now what have I done wrong,
because this can't be correct?  

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