LTPlus questions

Martin Ameskamp ma at
Thu Jul 8 09:24:05 EDT 1993

Hi everybody

since LTPlus is distributed as port of GRASS 4.1 I decided to give it a try
and after one or two minor bug-fixes it compiled just fine (this is 
SCO UNIX 3.2.2, gcc-2.3.3). However, as soon as I start it, I get the
message: error in initialize:  get_config failed to execute.

I've tried to use my debugger, but this is far from trivial since there's
forks and execs galore.

Does anyone have any of: installation information, user guide, overview, ...

I'm aware of the help files and I'm currently having a look at the somewhat
lowlevel description in ibm/ltplus.notes (README and NOTES.DBS aren't all
that much help, either :-( ).

Any help at all is appreciated!


BTW 4.1 compiles fine under SCO 3.2.2/gcc-2.3.3 (apart from three or four
    very minor modifications - anyone want those?)
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