John F. Stamm jstamm at earth.Princeton.EDU
Thu Jul 8 11:42:06 EDT 1993

While running xgrass4.1 on an SGI, I get an error when running

GRASS 4.1 > xgdisplay
XGRASS DISPLAY LIB ERROR: Not enough colors available. Make more available before strating again.

The window frame is outlined, but when clicking the mouse to set the 
window position, the window frame outline dissapears and the window 
is not created.  However, I can get xgdisplay to run if I use the option

xgdisplay -visual StaticColor

However, I have problems with data sets that require many colors 
(such as the spearfish elevation data set).  I would like to access
the color capabilities of the SGI (IRIS and IRIS4d machines).  Any
suggestions would be appreciated.

John Stamm
Interactive Computer Graphics Laboratory
Princeton University

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