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Thu Jul 8 11:56:29 EDT 1993

>since LTPlus is distributed as port of GRASS 4.1 I decided to give it a try
>and after one or two minor bug-fixes it compiled just fine (this is
>SCO UNIX 3.2.2, gcc-2.3.3). However, as soon as I start it, I get the
>message: error in initialize:  get_config failed to execute.

in the directory src.related/LTPlus/source there is a Makefile where you
define the base directory for LTplus 

Makefile>   LTP_BASE_DIR  = /cd2/grass4.1/hp730.x/ltp
Makefile>#  directory where ltplus and ltpgo  executables will go
Makefile>   LTP_BIN_DIR  = ${LTP_BASE_DIR}/bin

you need to copy the following directories that are found under 

./             bin/           digitizers/    import/        maps/
../            config/        digmenus/      incl/          menus/
               cursor_keys/   export/                       pens/
               dictionaries/  help/          macros/
               dictionary/    ibm/           map_lists/

what i did is to link back to the orginal src.related/LTPplus directories
so that i did not have extra copies of files.

/cd2/grass4.1/hp730.x/ltp> ln -s /cd2/grass4.1/src.related/LTPlus/config config 

>|I have put the most recent users manual for LTPlus on the moon site for those
>|who requested it.  It is located at /grass/incoming/ltplus/manual.  I do not
>|know what format it is in, but it appears to print out just fine on our Sparc
>|laser printers.  Any questions please contact me.
>||     Now in /grass/incoming/OGI/documents/ltplus.manual .

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