import formats for LTPlus

Ronald Wiemer ronald at
Thu Jul 8 14:44:11 EDT 1993

Hello everyone,

I am trying to import a raster image into LTPlus, the problem that arises
has to do with the import-formats LTPlus can handle. All formats are not
very common in imagery-world. The only one I could figure out is type CELL,
wich seems to be ordinary ascii, which can be made with r.out.ascii from
GRASS. I can read an image in this format into LTPlus, but the original
resolution is changed in a sense that the image is very distorted in LTPlus.
Does someone have a solution to this problem? What is the easiest way to
import a (scanned) image into this program?


Ronald Wiemer
Centre of Expertise ARCHIS
Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

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