HELP request about GRASS

Michel PERRIN perrin at
Fri Jul 16 11:28:16 EDT 1993

We have been trying to run the GRASS software at Ecole des Mines de Paris but we have been unsuccessfull in opening the required graphics monitors. Our session goes on like this:

We start GRASS normally with the standard predefined location:

MAPSET    ghest
DATABASE  /muser1/ghest/GRASS/grass4.0/databases/spearfish 

Getting the grass4.1beta prompt we run the d.mon programm and normally get the standard monitor menu. Choosing option 1 and then list we get the regular list of our monitors:

x0  X-windows graphics display  
x1  X-windows graphics display 
x2  X-windows graphics display 
x3  X-windows graphics display 
x4  X-windows graphics display 
x5  X-windows graphics display 
x6  X-windows graphics display 
CELL Create GRASS Raster File
Sunview Sun graphics display

By choosing list -f, we get the following message:


name     description     status

ERROR eof from grahics driver

By choosing a monitor x0 for instance by typing x0, we get the following error message:

Graphics driver [x0] is already running.
ERROR- eof from graphics monitor
Problem selecting x0. Will try once more
ERROR- eof from graphics monitor

We get the same result by selecting any of the monitors x0 to x6.

All files have been regularly imported through ftp using the binary option and installed according to the given instructions. Our environnement is a SUN4 workstation network, the programms being run under x11.

We have no opinion about the causes of the failure. Should we compile again the sun4s/dev/fifo files? or any other part of the software.

Thanks for helping us.



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