LTPlus installed on RS6000?

Martin Ameskamp ma at
Fri Jul 16 10:29:05 EDT 1993

> 	today's question concerns LTPlus (remember, the line
> tracing software that interfaces with Grass). Having heard that
> it performs well in vectorising binary image files, we are 
> just starting to get it installed on our IBM RS6000 (model 320),
> and would appreciate directions from others with the same
> setup. Also, supposing we get it to work, is there anything we
> should know about the LTPlus ---> Grass conversion?

I'm working (on and off) on installing LTPlus under SCO/X11. I've had
to fiddle bits of code, still not finished (like create refuses to create
a map, thinking I have less the 5 MB disk space when I really have 60 MB :-( )

Keep us (or me, at least) posted on your work. If anyone's interested,
I'll report on my efforts as well (as soon as I reach the system-independent
stage, that is)


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