John F. Stamm jstamm at earth.Princeton.EDU
Tue Jul 20 16:17:03 EDT 1993

I am having problems with xgdisplay, running on an IRIS.  First, 
xgdisplay will not run under xgrass unless I specify -visual StaticColor.  
If I do not specify this option, the window dies as soon as I try to 
place it.  I then get the message:

  XGRASS DISPLAY LIB ERROR: Not enough colors available. Make more 
  available before strating again.

Second, I can run xgdisplay if I use the command:

  xgdisplay -visual StaticColor

(I changed xgrass-menu in ./etc/xgrass-menu to include this option). 
However, when I try to display elevations (in the spearfish location) in
a GeoFrame, the window dies and I get the error:

  XGRASS DISPLAY LIB ERROR: Sorry, no available colors

However, I have no problems displaying elevations by using the "Control
Display Monitor" tool (d.mon start=x0) and then using the "Display Raster
Maps" tool (d.rast).  

Using xwininfo, I get the same Visual and Colormap information for both 
the xgdisplay and the x0 windows:

xwininfo ==> Window id: 0x3400068 (xgdisplay)
	 ==> Visual: 0x20 (8 bit PseudoColor)
	 ==> Colormap: 0x2b (installed)

xwininfo ==> Window id: 0x3400003 (GRASS 4.1 - Monitor: x0)
	 ==> Visual: 0x20 (8 bit PseudoColor)
	 ==> Colormap: 0x2b (installed)

It seems that if d.rast can display this image, and xgdisplay cannot, then 
this problem may reflect a bug in xgdisplay. I can use xgdisplay to display 
raster images which do not have as many colors as the elevation image. 
Thanks for any help.

John Stamm
Interactive Computer Graphics Lab
Princeton University

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