non-standard include file problem

Tue Jul 20 20:46:35 EDT 1993

Earlier I had written that I need to use the include file "dirent.h" for
opening a directory stream, but dirent.h is not in some versions of BSD Unix,
although a related dir.h include file is.

Thanks to Darrell for a response.  I think SunOS is SYS5-based, but has some
BSD enhancements?  dirent.h is I think part of the SYS5 Unix, not the BSD Unix.
Lars Schyllberg (sp?) compiled the r.le on his Apollo machine set up with BSD
Unix and found the bug.  He was able to fix it by substituting dir.h.

I can probably find a work-around unless someone can think of a way around

	Bill Baker
	bakerwl at

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