Need Help with GRASS

Rumi Dubash rmd at
Tue Jul 27 12:45:20 EDT 1993

  I am absolutely new to GRASS and the first thing that I have tried is to
get the compilation done. Now when I try to run it with the grass4.1 script
I get into GRASS. After setting the location and mapset, I tried to bring up
an application  at which point it suggested that I need a graphics monitor
and that it could be started up with d.mon. On starting up d.mon and using
option 1 (start a graphics monitor) it asks for a name and that I could use
the list command to find the names. This of course returns a null list.
What am I doing wrong?
  Also all of this seems to be a tty based version. Isn't there a X-windows
based interface to all of this? Did I compile it incorrect for it not to
bring up an X-window based interface?
  I'd really appreciate any help (in the meantime I will be RTFMing)
  Thanx a lot.

Rumi Dubash
Sr. Software Engineer

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