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Subject: Re: d.3d in GRASS 4.1
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In <9305281928.AA13006 at> greg at (Greg Koerper) writes:

>	d.3d, though faster, is now brain dead.

>1) The format of 3dview files is different.  It no longer retains information
>about erase colour, line colour, or average elevations.  This must be
>changed EACH time a 3dview file is used.

>2) It will over-write an existing 3dview file when it uses an old one.

>3) It (still) will not allow me to over-write an existing 3dview file when
>I exit d.3d.  So it can do what it will not allow me to do.

>4) It will draw into the full screen frame, even it a sub frame is active.

>5) It will do item 4 only AFTER the first time an old 3dview file is used. 
>Then there is different behaviour between the first use of a 3dview file
>from all following uses.  This is difficult to reproduce.

>	I have not tried it on an lat/long projections yet, so I do not know
>if it is still broken in that way.

Please send bug reports to grassbug at Posting them to
these forums doesn't ensure that they get into the bug tracking process at
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