MAPGEN confusion

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Tue Jun 15 13:14:45 EDT 1993

>From: sibley at
>Date: 15 Jun 93 15:07:03 GMT
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>Subject: MAPGEN confusion
>4.11 Mapgen will be released June 30th with GRASS 4.11 from SCS.
>This version of the GRASS/MAPGEN Interface will only support proj beta release
> 4.5 to remain compatable with the GRASS proj libraries.
>Proj version 3.1 is very old and is no longer supported in the new release
> (4.1 or 4.11).
>Proj version 4.5 and 4.6 are of a similar format.  They are both beta releases 
>from USGS.  Proj 4.6 beta release corresponds closely to the new proj release 
>on  The latest code from charon will be incorporated into 
>SCS release 4.12 later this year.
>Jill Schuler
>I have posted this response for Jill as she does not posess direcct access
>to the list.  You may send any questions or responses via myself.
>Ken Sibley

Well, if I wasn't confused before I am now.  By my estimates, charon's
releases of MAPGEN is only up to 4.4 and PROJ.4 is at 4.1.3 .

Hmmmm ...

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