Bugs in xgdisplay (and fixes)

David M Johnson -- DMJ Consulting djohnson at rock.concert.net
Thu Jun 17 15:28:52 EDT 1993


I discovered the following bugs (or "incompatibilities") when I 
compiled and ran XGRASS 4.1 and xdigit under Dell UNIX 2.2, 
X11R5 and Motif 1.1.4 on a Dell 466ME system.  The bugs have
been reported to grassbug at zorro.cecer.army.mil.


xgdisplay crashed and dumped core whenever I would use the 
Graphics Tool Box to set a fill pattern for an object.  I made 
this problem go away by initializing addlist to NULL in the 
function FillPatternCallback() in src/xgrass/display/toolbox.c.  
The following is the line of code that I changed:

  ObjectList addlist = NULL, exclude = NULL;


xgdisplay Set-Barscale-Attributes dialog box would bomb with 
an X error everytime that any of its controls were activated 
except the barscale width, the barscale interval or the barscale 
thickness.  This error occured because the Xgd library function 
XgdDrawBarscale() was being called with only two arguments and 
it expected three.  I added a zero argument as the third argument 
in every XgdDrawBarscale() call in the files barattr.c, barbox.c 
and font.c (in src/xgrass/display) and this problem disappeared.

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and Software Engineer            | 919-967-9727 (djohnson at rock.concert.net)

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