Bugs in xdigit (and fixes)

David M Johnson -- DMJ Consulting djohnson at rock.concert.net
Thu Jun 17 15:29:17 EDT 1993


I discovered the following bugs (or "incompatibilities") 
when I compiled and ran XGRASS 4.1 and xdigit under Dell 
UNIX 2.2, X11R5 and Motif 1.1.4 on a Dell 466ME system.  
The bug has been reported to grassbug at zorro.cecer.army.mil.

xdigit crashes and dumped core immediately after being 
called from the command line.  I traced this to the function 
make_button() in src/xgrass/xdigit/panel.c.  The crash was 
occuring because the function did not check to make sure 
that it had successfully retrieved a pixmap before going 
ahead and using the pixmap.  I added an if-statement 
(as follows) to fix this crash:

  XtSetArg (wargs[n], XmNlabelType, XmPIXMAP); n++;
  XtSetArg (wargs[n], XmNlabelPixmap, pix1); n++;
  XtSetArg (wargs[n], XmNlabelInsensitivePixmap, pix1); n++;

This prevented the crash, but once xdigit came up its button 
pixmaps were all screwed up.  I traced this problem to the function 
make_pixmaps() in the file src/xgrass/xdigit/make_pixmaps.c.  
Apparently, the Xlib functions BitmapBitOrder() and ImageByteOrder() 
work differently under Dell UNIX than on the xdigit development 
system (a Sun, I assume).  I commented out the "!" operators 
(as follows) and this problem was solved:

image->bitmap_bit_order = /*DMJ ! */BitmapBitOrder (XtDisplay (w));
image->byte_order = /*DMJ ! */ImageByteOrder (XtDisplay (w));

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and Software Engineer            | 919-967-9727 (djohnson at rock.concert.net)

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