g.gnuplot "help" - I did that!

Anantha Prasad prasad at landcover.inhs.uiuc.edu
Fri Jun 18 14:39:11 EDT 1993

After you compiled the gnuplot into the Grass binary dierectory, 
Did you do the following?
% cd whatever/gnuplot/docs
% make gih  
% mkdir $(GISBASE)/man/helpp
% cp whatever/gnuplot/docs/gnuplot.gih $(GISBASE)/man/helpp

Then rerun Grass (if you are already in grass get out and start it again)
 and try help in g.gnuplot. If this does'nt work, check permissions for 
the help file. If it still does'nt work, I am stumped!! Prasad

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