Bernd Munier bernd at
Thu Mar 11 12:08:58 EST 1993


This question has been asked before, but I never recognised an answer.

What about running GRASS (4.0 & 4.1) on the new SPARC Classic, has any-
body incountered any problems. We intend to add a SPARC Classic to our
local SUN SPARC network, consisting of one SPARC 1+ one SPARC IPC and
two SPARC SS10 working as file servers. 
As far as I know, the Classic requires SUN-OS 4.2.1 to be run.
So it will have its own operating system running, but all user data and
application programms will reside on the server.
So the questions are:
Will GRASS compiled on the SPARC IPC under SUN-OS 4.1.1 run on the Classic?
Is the Classic powerfull enough to run GRASS and OPENWIN, especially regarding
   the graphics card (8bit color).

   Hoping somebody has tried this

   Greetings		Bernd Munier

   Roskilde University, Denmark

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