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Bernd Munier writes:
> Hi 
> This question has been asked before, but I never recognised an answer.

Here are two replies I received to the same question.  My final decision
was not to purchase the Classic until there was clarity on whether or
not Grass4.0 will run under the Solaris operating system which comes
with the Classic.  My question was as follows:

 | I am intending purchasing a SPARCstation Classic with Solaris 2.1 as the
 | operating system.  Will Grass4.0 or 4.1 be able to run on this system.

This seems to be the question on many people's minds.  For some reason
surprisingly few people have answers.  The best I have been able to come
up with is the following:

No one that I know of has been successful getting Grass to run under 
Solaris 2.0.  Reports indicate that Solaris 2.0 is not an inherently
stable operating system.  The SPARCstation LX (& CLASSIC) require
Solaris 2.1, but there are no reports about the reliability of that
operating system yet.
	Peter Strong
	National Park Service
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Dr. Palmer,

Osiris has a GRASS implementation running under Solaris 2.1 which will be 
available in April for customer shipment.

Osiris Systems Corporation is a developer of GRASS GIS enhancement products;

GrassWare	User friendly point and click interface for novice or casual

GrassWorks	Grass and GrassWare precompiled, load and go out of the box 		with professional, bound documentation.

GrassTools	Enhancements to provide SQL access to relational databases.

		... and other products are in the pipeline.

We have many customers such as the US Corp. of Engineers, National Parks 
Service, Dept. of Agriculture, Norwegian Defence, Australian Dept. of Water 
Resources etc. who have benefited through the use of these products.

You may also have seen our advertisements in GrassClippings.

If you would like additional information we would be pleased to forward information and brochures to your attention. 

Daryl Ehrmantraut

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