Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Thu Mar 11 22:35:55 EST 1993

*supposedly* binaries will run under SunOS 5 if they
were compiled with dynamic linking under 4.1.x.

from comp.sys.sun.admin FAQ:
> 47)	Will SunOS 4.1.x binaries run under SunOS 5.x?
>         Yes they will, with some restrictions. The most significant is
>         that the binary in question must have been "dynamically linked."
>         Otherwise, you will get the message
>         Bad system call (core dumped)
>         immediately when starting the 4.1.x binary on SunOS5.
>         Also, bear in mind that there is a performance overhead for
>         this "binary emulation"; each system call happens twice,
>         once to trap into the emulation mode and again to get from
>         there into the UNIX kernel.

Bernd Munier (bernd at ) writes on 11 Mar 93:
>This question has been asked before, but I never recognised an answer.
>What about running GRASS (4.0 & 4.1) on the new SPARC Classic, has any-
>body incountered any problems. We intend to add a SPARC Classic to our
>local SUN SPARC network, consisting of one SPARC 1+ one SPARC IPC and
>two SPARC SS10 working as file servers. 
>As far as I know, the Classic requires SUN-OS 4.2.1 to be run.
>So it will have its own operating system running, but all user data and
>application programms will reside on the server.
>So the questions are:
>Will GRASS compiled on the SPARC IPC under SUN-OS 4.1.1 run on the Classic?
>Is the Classic powerfull enough to run GRASS and OPENWIN, especially regarding
>   the graphics card (8bit color).
>   Hoping somebody has tried this
>   Greetings		Bernd Munier
>   Roskilde University, Denmark

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