floating point | null data in GRASS!

Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Thu Mar 11 22:31:59 EST 1993

amen. this is something that I intended to bring out
in my talk on thursday.  I will be in Reston Wed evening
thru Thur afternoon if anyone would like to get together
to discuss possibilities.

Greg Koerper (greg at towhee.cor2.epa.gov) writes on 11 Mar 93:
>Our research group uses GRASS extensively, but as our attempts to integrate
>modelling with GIS evolve, we are encountering limitations.  In particular,
>it fails to support:
>	1.  floating-point data representation
>	2.	distinction of null data from true zeroes
>Both issues are important in building a productive linkage between GIS and
>models, as well as GIS and data visualization systems.
>I'll be at the conference in RESTON, VA and would like to meet with other
>GRASS users, both analysts and programmers, whose applications would benefit
>from inclusion of these capabilities in GRASS.  I would like to develop 
>user community support to set these goals as priorities for version 5.0.
>I also wish to discuss the nuts and bolts of implementation, including
>data storage structures, and library and utility modification.  
>If you are not able to reply by email on Friday March 12, please leave a message
>for me at the Hyatt Regency.  I plan to get as broad a posting of this as 
>possible at the conference, so watch bulletin boards, etc. for scheduling of
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