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In <9303120335.AA15000 at> mccauley at (Darrell McCauley) writes:

We have tried to run grass under Solaris 2.0 and it *DOES NOT WORK* even though
sun says that it will.  From what I have herd Sun say is that it *MIGHT* work,
if it does not do these:

* Pretend that there is a long list of stuff which I cannot remember *

>*supposedly* binaries will run under SunOS 5 if they
>were compiled with dynamic linking under 4.1.x.

>from comp.sys.sun.admin FAQ:
>> 47)	Will SunOS 4.1.x binaries run under SunOS 5.x?
>>         Yes they will, with some restrictions. The most significant is
>>         that the binary in question must have been "dynamically linked."
>>         Otherwise, you will get the message
>>         Bad system call (core dumped)
>>         immediately when starting the 4.1.x binary on SunOS5.
>>         Also, bear in mind that there is a performance overhead for
>>         this "binary emulation"; each system call happens twice,
>>         once to trap into the emulation mode and again to get from
>>         there into the UNIX kernel.
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