questions about projection and HPXL300

Philip Verhagen 100112.2166 at
Tue Mar 23 07:43:58 EST 1993

Two questions:

1: We've been trying to get data from a GPS (Trimble) into a GISous
but there are some difficulties: the GPS gives its coordinates using
the WGS84 ellipsoid. Using proj (or invproj) in Mapgen doesn't work, as
it only knows WGS72, so the coordinates never match the digitized stuff
that is already in GRASS. Does anybody know if there is an updated
version of proj WITH the WGS84 option, or can you do it yourself by
simply changing some parameters in the original program? If so, what
should I change?

2: I got a copy of GRASS4.1beta and was very happy finding a HPXL300 driver
that doesn't take 6 MB of plotfile for a coloured A4 on 300 dpi. However,
when I send the plotfile to the printer, the plot comes out with all
kind of printercodes; is this a bug in the program, or can I be doing
something wrong?

Hope someone can help me with this!

Philip Verhagen

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