DOTSON at delphi.com DOTSON at delphi.com
Wed Mar 24 19:29:40 EST 1993

I have been having a good deal of success compiling GRASS 4.0 under
Linux.  I did come across a problem that someone
may be able to solve quickly before I tear into the code.
A function "popen" is defined in ....../libes/gis.  This function is
also part of the standard gcc library and since it is written
in ANSII C came up as an error because of incompatable types.  What is
the purpose of a custon "popen"?  Does it duplicate existing 
functionallity of the "built-in" version?  

I renamed the GRASS defined version "p_open" so that I counld continue
the build.  Does every reference to "popen" refer to the GRASS defined
version or do some refer to the built-in version?

Doug Dotson
dotson at delphi.com

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