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In <01GW74LL9K6Q8Y5ZX0 at> DOTSON at writes:

>I have been having a good deal of success compiling GRASS 4.0 under
>Linux.  I did come across a problem that someone
>may be able to solve quickly before I tear into the code.
>A function "popen" is defined in ....../libes/gis.  This function is
>also part of the standard gcc library and since it is written
>in ANSII C came up as an error because of incompatable types.  What is
>the purpose of a custon "popen"?  Does it duplicate existing 
>functionallity of the "built-in" version?  

>I renamed the GRASS defined version "p_open" so that I counld continue
>the build.  Does every reference to "popen" refer to the GRASS defined
>version or do some refer to the built-in version?

>Doug Dotson
>dotson at

In early version of GRASS we had problem with the system supplied popen()
trying to have two popens() at the same time. So I rewrote it and
put it in the gis library. We have renamed it G_popen() in 4.1.
I think the system popen() has been long since fixed since then so 
we/you could probably eliminate the popen() from the library and
things will work. But your solution effectively does this.

Michael Shapiro U.S. Army CERL
Environmental Division       

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