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Subject: Seeking Dynamic Modelers
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Summary: Seeking spatial modeling collaboration
Keywords: dynamic spatial ecological modeling
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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1993 18:41:35 GMT
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CERL intendes to support a significant effort aimed at the design and
development of a dynamic eoologic simulation environment over the next several

We are seeking collaboration and expect to organize a small workshop to
initialize the directions of this effort.  It is expected that this effort will
draw from the traditional fields of cellular automata, GIS, dynamic systems
engineering, software programming, graphical user interfaces, ecological
modeling, animal and plant natural history, expert systems, and artificial

Ultimate outcome:  Development of a modeling environment that has the following
   - Spatially oriented modeling
   - Libraries of ecological objects  - objects represented at all levels of
     ecosystem organization (organs, individuals, populations, communities,
     systems and subsystems).
   - GUI environment for designing and developing system objects
   - Dynamic simulation oriented (uses time steps and activity scheduling)
Indended uses:
   - Test bed for ecological principles and understanding of interactions
   - Land management and scheduling
   - Ecological impacts of land use
   - Ecosystem impacts on humn populations and economies
   - Threatened and endangered species management

Interested?  Great!

Please send the following information which I will make available to all other
interested individuals and groups:

Name, Address, Phone, FAX, Email
Interest areas
Current and planned activities in this field

email to: westerve at
Jim Westervelt   GRASS Design and Development 
Construction Engineering Research Laboratories
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